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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services including financial planning, retirement analysis, investment management, insurance, fractional CFO, group retirement plans, tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and more!

Why did you change your name to Cornerstone Advisory Group?

Our new Doing Business As (DBA) name, Cornerstone Advisory Group, is meant to better reflect our comprehensive financial and tax advisory services.

Do you have a new email domain?

Yes, it's Please update your contacts!

Will phone numbers or office locations change with the rebrand?

No, they remain the same. We have office locations in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. Our office phone number is 208-529-6643.

What happens to current contracts and agreements with the rebrand?

Contracts and agreements under Cornerstone Financial Advisors and Cornerstone Tax Services remain valid under our new DBA name Cornerstone Advisory Group.

Does the rebrand affect billing and payments?

No, these processes stay the same.

Will your social media accounts be changing?

Yes! We have updated our logos and photos to reflect our new DBA name Cornerstone Advisory Group. In addition, our URLs are updated to MeetCornerstone and our website is now!

Will your mission or values change?

No, our mission and values remain unchanged. Cornerstone works with individuals and small business owners to provide tax-smart financial planning, which is supported by an in-house tax and accounting team. Our core values are: We Do the Rightest Thing, We Go the Extra Mile, We Have an Attitude of Gratitude & Humility, We Cultivate Connections Through Communication, and We Grow by Serving Others.

Do you work with clients outside of Idaho?

Yes, Cornerstone Advisory Group proudly serves clients not only in Idaho but also across the United States. Our commitment to providing personalized financial and tax advisory services extends to clients from various regions and states.

What is a fee schedule?

A fee schedule is a transparent and detailed outline of the charges associated with the services provided by Cornerstone Advisory Group. It includes a breakdown of fees for specific financial and tax advisory services, ensuring clarity and openness in our client relationships.

What can I do to bolster confidence in managing taxes with Cornerstone Advisory Group?

We recommend scheduling a consultation with our tax specialists. During the consultation, we will assess your unique situation, provide personalized guidance, and discuss strategies to optimize your tax position. Visit our Tax Services page for more information on getting started.

What if I have more questions?

Contact our client service team at

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