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Our Wealth Management Process

Personalized Investment Planning

At Cornerstone Financial Group, your needs are our top priority. Our four-step process ensures a deep understanding of your financial goals and values, enabling us to create a tailored plan. We are dedicated to forging enduring relationships with our clients.

1. Discovery Meeting to Understand Your Current Situation

Comprehending your financial requirements involves understanding every aspect of your finances. Through meaningful discussions on critical aspects, we gain insight into how we can assist you in attaining what genuinely matters to you.

2. Mutual Commitment Meeting That Builds Trust

In our upcoming mutual commitment meeting, we will document your goals to establish a precise understanding of your top priorities. This enables us to create a customized investment plan aligned with the information we've gathered to help you attain these objectives. During this critical meeting, you'll review our recommendations, giving us the green light before we take action, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and shared objectives.

3. A 90-Day Follow Up Meeting to Accelerate the Journey

We accompany you through the intricate paperwork generated as your investment plan takes shape. This 90-day follow-up meeting aims to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly, including fund transfers and other critical elements.

4. Regular Progress Meetings to Keep in Step With Your Journey

At our meetings, our objective extends beyond just establishing a robust relationship; we are committed to assisting you in reaching your most important financial objectives. During these discussions, we will continue to provide tailored recommendations based on your progress and your future goals. 

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Our Approach

Our unwavering integrity and dedicated team service, along with our proven culture of success, are the foundation upon which we build trust and forge lifelong, meaningful friendships.

Our Approach

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Our team of invaluable partners provides personalized, proactive services, fostering confidence and clarity throughout your financial journey.

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