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Comprehensive Financial and
Tax Advisory Services

Through a holistic approach, we help clients streamline and optimize their financial lives and get the most out of their assets with a stellar and supportive team.

Tax-Focused Financial Planning Geared Towards Optimization

We provide business owners and individuals with exceptional tax-focused financial planning that's tailored to their specific needs and designed to maximize their financial potential. Our comprehensive perspective has been honed over the decades since 1962, ensuring the highest level of expertise and service.

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Personal and Business Wealth Services

Our comprehensive services ensure we’re your only stop for all of your personal and business financial planning needs.

Crafting Strategies for Individuals and Families

Crafting Strategies for Individuals and Families

Our financial plans are tailored to meet your requirements across every aspect of your financial journey, regardless of your life stage. Our mission is to assist you in identifying opportunities that empower you to achieve your objectives and make informed financial decisions.

Personal Services
Guiding Businesses To Long-Term Growth

Guiding Businesses To Long-Term Growth

We excel in crafting business planning strategies that are custom-tailored to align with your company's retirement, investment, and insurance planning goals. Our expertise is dedicated to assisting business owners like yourself in making well-informed decisions for the future.

Business Services
Providing Tax Guidance to Bolster Your Confidence

Providing Tax Guidance to Bolster Your Confidence

Our seasoned specialists offer precision in navigating the tax industry, backed by a wealth of knowledge. We provide tailored tax advice to ensure your financial confidence.

Tax Services

Book Your Individualized Consultation

Book your consultation to take the first step towards achieving your financial goals. During your initial consultation we'll discuss our approach to supporting your financial journey. It'll be a great time to ask all your questions and we can dig in to find out if we're a good fit for one another. 

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A Holistic Approach Dedicated to Creating a Positive Impact

A Holistic Approach Dedicated to Creating a Positive Impact

Cornerstone Advisory Group provides clients with a holistic approach to building your financial foundation.  We offer an elite service that’s accompanied by unique solutions where we take the time to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Our Process of Personalized Investment Planning

Our Process of Personalized Investment Planning

At Cornerstone Advisory Group, we are dedicated to forging enduring relationships with our clients. Our five-step process ensures a deep understanding of your financial goals and values, enabling us to create a tailored plan. 

Resources to Enhance Your Financial Knowledge

Invest in your financial literacy and empower yourself to make informed financial decisions using our thoughtfully curated resources.

Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home

If your clients are buying or selling a home, use this to help them determine if they qualify for capital gains taxes.
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All Muni Bonds Are Not Created Equal

Gaining a better understanding of municipal bonds makes more sense than ever.
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Tax Rules When Selling Your Home

The tax rules governing profits you realize from the sale of your home have changed in recent years.
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